"Hello Heather and Dave! I wanted to extend my deepest thanks for my wedding. It was absolutely wonderful!! Everyone I talk to expresses how beautiful it was and how delicious the food was. They go on and on about how much fun it was and how it was the best food they’ve ever had at a wedding. I, of course, agree with them whole-heartedly, knowing that I was only responsible for choosing my favorite place to eat! The two of you made it what it was, and it was exactly what we wanted. Thank you for all of the time and effort that went into it. I really can’t put into words how much it meant to us."

-Mandy Burkett Smith

"Dear Heather,

The third annual BRBF 2014 Blues Gala was the best year yet. We would like to thank The Red Cake for helping us have our best Gala. With your help and the largest and most enthusiastic crowd, the night was stellar.

We were honored that The Red Cake once again valued the Baton Rouge Blues Foundation enough to put its name behind our event.

Heather your beautiful impeccable decoration is breath taking and definitely give our event a first class image.  You are a pleasure to work with and we do not take for granted what a gift it is to have you design such a creative layout of the space; it adds so much to helping the guests enjoy the evening.

We heard from more than a few, “how are you guys going to top this next year?” The answer is we are looking forward to rising to the challenge. We hope you will be joining us next year too.

Thank you most kindly"

-Maxine Crump and Malcolm Robinson, Co Chairs BRBF 2014 Blues Gala

"What can one say about this incredible woman: exceptional, funny, witty and; most of all, gifted in finding the right people for the right events! I've had the pleasure to work with her on various charitable events that have become staples in the Baton Rouge Society. Whether is a fashion show or a fundraiser, you can always count on her to give 200% of her time and energy.
She devotes numerous hours to provide the best possible scenario for the event that she leads. Just ask the HAART Association and The Hunks in Heels to name a few and both societies will tell you what a fierce, yet loving leader she is!
Her corky attitude and festive fashion enhances her ability to put people at ease and expect the best from each person that helps in any function, She asses their value and once she explains what actions are required from the individual, she lets us run free....to a degree LOL! She is the peacock of the group (meaning, just like a peacocks tail, her eyes, I swear she has about 12 of them (wink), are focused on every minute aspect of what is needed to have a successful event.
From the table settings, actual decoration of the event, the music and the support staff, she has her hands in every aspect of the fundraiser. I have never worked with anyone that has such an ability to manage a group with such grace and class! Let's not forget pinch of Fun and a dash of Humility!
Even when we go traipsing through town for cock-tails, it's an event! There's nothing better than a Sidecar and Mint Julep at Beausoleil and we're still talking business and what we can do to better the event. That's dedication!!!!!
There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to express the love and respect that I have for this classy lady! So, I hope this will hit the spot: ERES TREMENDA Y TIENES Un CORAZóN DE ORO!
Without further ado, to all in Baton Rouge, I would like to introduce you to the one of a kind, ever so grateful, absolutely FABULOUS, ladies and gentlemen......Heather Day.


Miss William"

-William Roy