Heather Sewell Day

Whether she is traveling with her husband, Jason, or learning about the immense variety of life and culture in our world, Heather Sewell Day is a believer of living life to its fullest capacity and having a good time while doing it.  It is this broad prospective and style that she floods into her commitment to her community in South Louisiana.  Her mission with The Red Cake events is to help her community recognize their unique beauty and show them how to have as good a time as she is having, which is no small task!

This commitment to her community has led her to serve on boards for the LSU Museum of Art, Past-President for Forum 35, Past-President of Moving Colors Contemporary Dance Company, Elan Vital Montessori School, Aneurysm Outreach, Brotherhood Sisterhood Awards Committee, and current president of the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Company.  Heather knows that you are only a part of your community when you are giving something back to it, so she gives ten fold.

Heather is proud to be living life to the fullest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her 2 amazing daughters Sunny and Daisy and loving husband Jason Day.